What is an "Oily Lifestyle?"

An "oily lifestyle" is a "healthy lifestyle".  People get started with essential oils for any number of reasons-they like the smells, the diffusers, they've bought some oils at stores, they want their house to smell nice, etc. Most people when they are first starting do not realize what essential oils are or what they can do for you. 

There is a big difference in Essential Oils. Most of what you buy in retail stores like Walmart, grocery stores, etc are just "aromatic" type oils using fragrances to smell good, and synthetic chemicals to cut the cost. They may say they are 100% pure-but our labeling laws allow companies to say they are pure if only 5-10% of the product has pure oil in it. The rest can be any other oil, watered down products, or chemicals--and it does not have to be disclosed.

Watch this video from a company called Aura Cacia-a popular company for oils. Do you trust using this product?

young Living has a Seed to Seal process that guarantees the purity of the oil. since we own our own farms and also have partner farms that apply Seed to Seal, we can guarantee the whole process of giving you a pure oil--from seed to distillation to bottling--no watered down products-just pure oils. 

Young Living oils make a difference when you use them--they are not "fragrance" oils. They are living, parts of the plants that will support every body system for optimum health and wellness. Those "plug-in" you are using are chemicals you are using to create a fragrance in house, as are the warming burners with candles under them. Those plug ins can actually catch fire in the outlets-google it. The burners you are using are for fragrance only--a good oil should never be heated--it runs the therapeutic value of the oil.

There is a HUGE difference in what you can buy in Rite-aid, Walmart, etc for an essential oil vs what a "pure" essential oil is--and also what it does for your body...

Do you want more chemicals in your body or do you want something pure that works? You decide.

Stay tuned for more.....

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