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I signed up with Young Living almost 3 years ago. After I became a member, I was reading some stuff I wasn't sure I liked--and did not go further with Young Living for a good six months. I was hearing about chakras, energy fields, frequencies, etc. I had never heard of these words before, and as a Christian, felt all this stuff was totally new age--and not something I wanted to get involved in. But as I read and did more research on these matters, I realized how complicated God has created us--and man does not know half of how our bodies work. I found that your body indeed has a frequency. A healthy body has a frequency of around 62-68 and that your body's frequency drops as you encounter sickness. Oils work because they have higher frequencies and your cells gravitate to these frequencies to support wellness. 

I learned even more about essential oils:

1. God gave us plants in the Garden of Eden. Every herb-bearing seed was for our food and the "healing of nations."

2. Oils are mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible-cedarwood in Solomon's temple, Jesus given gold, frankincense, and myrrh, the holy anointing oil poured on Aaron's head and running down over his beard and robe, calling for the elders when sick to pray and anoint you with oil, etc. Cassia, cinnamon, aloes--lots of mentions.

3. As was the custom at the time--Mary would have anointed Jesus's body with frankincense-which is a wellness and spiritual oil with a high frequency. (Healing Oils of the body by Dr. David Stewart) (Kings were anointed with Frankincense--isn't that cool?)

4. Essential oils have small molecular structures that penetrate the cells within seconds, even the limbic brain to affect the emotions, and also can go thru the blood brain barrier (which even chemo drugs are not able to do)

We learn, starting an "oily lifestyle", what we should be eating and not eating, and how we should take care of health issues, etc. We learn about "pure" products and all the toxins we are exposed to and how to get those cleaned out of our "lifestyles".

The oils are just the beginning of leading us into a more healthy, toxin free lifestyle!  

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Stay tuned for more........

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